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A.J. is a quantum anomaly whose origins are tangentially rooted to a branch timeline of reality Earth-93060. The strange superhuman team known as the Freex went backwards in time to Ancient Egypt where they found themselves in conflict with the vampire known as Rune. When the Freex returned to their normal time period, they realized that they had altered the time stream, and as a result, had acquired a new member -- A.J. The Freex regarded A.J. not only as a team member, but as their leader, ostensibly having been a member of the team in the rebooted timeline.[1]

A.J. then led the Freex on a mission into the land of the Fire People. There, he rescued and was later betrayed by UltraForce founder, Contrary.[2]



Energy Form: A.J. had the ability to generate a blue, electrical energy being composed of an as of yet unidentifiable radioactive substance from within his own body. The being was a projection of A.J.'s psyche, and he could broadcast his conscious mind into it, enabling the form to perform a variety of feats. So long as this energy form was active, A.J.'s physical body remained inert and defenseless. The energy form was capable of the following abilities:


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