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A.J. went to Midtown High School alongside Peter Parker and Flash Thompson. Flash constantly bullied him for being different, to the extent he broke A.J.'s arm and had to wear it in a sling during graduation. At some point after he left the city and came back wanting to talk with Flash just after Flash' mother committed herself to get away from Venom. Flash was hesatent at first, but agreed and they met up in A.J.'s new apartment and he introduced Flash to his husband Dan. Flash was remorseful for the way he treated A.J. but A.J. said he had gotten over it and though there were bad days he was happy now. After a brief conversation, Dan asked for A.J.'s help in the kitchen and checked if everything was ok, since A.J. was lying and still was having nightmares about his torment and his arm had actually never recovered. A.J. however was searching for an apology since he felt pity for Flash in his current state.[1]

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