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Quote1 Now, I know this is Eternal business, but some of us have never been just Eternals. I thought...Perhaps it's time for a little of the old Avengers Assemble, Starfox? Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

In the North Pole, Ajak, Makkari and Iron Man reel from the Progenitor's sudden declaration. As Captain America tries to defuse the situation, the Progenitor chooses to judge him first. Manifesting as a vision of Steve himself, the Progenitor declares him a failure for being unable to inspire his country and the world to do better. Brushing the judgment aside, Steve asks Iron Man to find a way out while he tries to keep the world calm.

Meanwhile, Tom gets drunk at a bar, agreeing to another patron's anti-mutant rhetoric. Katrina jokes about the Progenitor in social media, then sits sleepless with anxiety. Arjun's widow Komali carries herself with dignity as she recognizes his body, but breaks down following the Progenitor's announcement. Daniela ignores her mother's suggestion to go home to keep working. Jada sits on her sofa, watching Captain America's broadcast and hoping she could believe his words of reassurance. Kenta argues with his father, trying to use the end of the world as an excuse to avoid homework.

In the Exclusion, Druig visits Uranos for counsel. Spurred on by Uranos, Druig sends a psychic call to arms to resume the war against the mutants. Uranos also tries to convince Druig to free him, but he shoots him down. Back in the North Pole, Iron Man analyzes the schematics of the Progenitor and finds an internal node that can break him apart if hit hard enough. Ajak argues against such a plan, and suggests trying to understand their god instead. Phastos warns that the Celestial's death could cause a backlash to the Eternals, and that it's risking an explosion big enough to reach Reykjavík. Once Ajak and Makkari leave the room, Phastos encourages Tony to do try to shut down the Progentior safely and secretly, but warns him that the Eternals will be genetically compelled to act against it. Mr. Sinister telepathically tips off Destiny about the Progenitor's weak point. Taking advantage of Professor X just being killed during the psychic warfare, she relays the information to the Quiet Council, and assures them that she has seen into the future and that it will not cause a devastation. The Quiet Council put it to a vote, and the decision to take action wins. Before Emma Frost briefs the War Captains, Destiny tells her not to warn them about the risks. When Nightcrawler argues against leaving Krakoa defenseless, Emma Frost reveals that she has been in contact with allies. Kro and the Deviants arrive through the Gateways and join the fight against the Eternals and the Hex.

As Iron Man and his allies communicate with Captain America, who tells them about the situation on the streets getting bleaker, Ajak detects an incursion from a group of mutants, and Tony catches Sinister discreetly tinkering with the communication console to open the way to the node. The principles engage, and the Eternals instinctively go after the mutant squad, which is being led by Jean Grey and Wolverine. Jean makes a break for the node and Iron Man rushes after her. She ignores his pleas to stop and shatters it. Although the situation appears to be stable, the torso of the Progenitor suddenly cracks, causing a massive explosion that instantly ravages through Reykjavík. The Celestial quickly overturns this scenario, revealing it to be just an illusion meant to serve as a lesson. The Celestial then imparts more judgments. He fails Emma Frost, passes Kro, and then fails both Destiny and Mystique, then chooses to consider the rest longer.

Jean telepathically confronts Sinister about hiding the risks, but he dismisses her to return to brainstorming with Iron Man, Ajak, Makkari, Phastos, Sersi and Captain America. Stark resigns himself to the Progenitor's judgment, but Steve's encouragement to pull the world together gives Sersi an idea. Later, she ventures into the Exclusion with Jack of Knives. They escort her toward the vault where Starfox is being held captive, as Sersi hopes he can help bring the world together. He lauds the idea.

Solicit Synopsis

Judgment Day begins.

The heroes know what they have to do. But do they have to do it? They were smart enough to get themselves into this mess. Maybe they can be smart enough to get out of it....

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