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Quote1 I have spoken enough. I have watched enough. I have judged enough. And I have decided. Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

An overwhelming mob of anti-mutant protestors besiege the Treehouse in Manhattan. Captain America attempts to defuse the crowd's anger, but ends up being attacked as well. In the North Pole, Sersi and Starfox convene with Iron Man, Ajak, Makkari, Phastos and Mister Sinister. Sersis proposes to connect Starfox to the Machine That Is Earth so he can broadcast peace and love to the world long enough for the Progenitor to pass them. He refuses, arguing that they can't use his powers to cheat their way out of this situation, and suggests a different approach.

The Progenitor then observes different people around the world. Tom is beaten up on the street by two racists; failing to see the irony, the Progenitor fails him. It poses as a reporter to Major Luke Cage during a press conference, and asks him to judge his performance; Cage tells it to ask him tomorrow, and the Progenitor fails him by default. The Celestial observes Thor fighting Themex; it reads the inscription in Mjolnir, and ascertains that he must be worthy. It poses as Captain Marvel to Ms. Marvel and offers her a chance to escape the planet with her family, but Kamala refuses, so it passes her. It appears to Katrina on her way to a rally as her dead aunt, and it fails her. The Progenitor poses as Legion seeking Charles Xavier, but he brushes it off, so it fails him. It observes Komali weep for Arjun, and it abstains from judgment. It appears as a monster to Starbrand to test her mettle as a new hero, and she passes. The Progenitor observes Daniela rushing to see her mother, and it passes her. It appears to Doctor Doom, and challenges him to admit that Reed Richards is smarter than him to pass; Doom laughs, turns his back, and passes himself; the Celestial concurs. It observes Jada despairing at the sight of the anti-mutant protestors, so it passes her. It appears to Daredevil as Jesus, and he weeps as he already knows he fails. The Progenitor appears to Miles Morales as Peter Parker giving him a thumbs up, Miles gives him one back. Finally, it observes Kenta, who is playing games instead of doing his homework; it withholds judgment.

Between the Progenitor's assessments, it observed with curiosity as Starfox met up with numerous influential people and leaders from around the world to listen to them. Later, he speaks to the United Nations, urging the representatives to agree to a package of human rights and environmental concerns in exchange for both mutant and Eternal technology, in order to improve the Earth. However, after Sebastian Shaw speaks to Starfox backstage and remarks whether he really speaks for the Eternals, Eros confides in his cabal of allies that they need to find a way to take down Druig. In the Exclusion, Druig meets up with Uranos, and worries about the development of his war. He decides to unleash the Uni-Mind on Krakoa. Sersi and the other Eternals that oppose him appear to join with the Uni-Mind and call for a vote on Prime Eternal. Deep inside the Machine, Ikaris and Gilgamesh disable the Uni-Mind's firewalls, allowing the telepath mutants to merge into it as well and cast their votes. Telepathically, Uranos convinces Druig to let him free, offering to merge into the Uni-Mind since he could control all the votes of his line due to being the patriarch. Druig orders the Machine to release him, but Uranos betrays Druig and heads to Olympia. Druig is cast out of the Uni-Mind, and Starfox is declared new Prime Eternal.

All over the world, portals appear from the Eternal armories, and Uranos rains fire on the planet. On Mars, Iron Man activates a device to force open the traces of the portals that Uranos had previously used there. Magneto and Storm use them to arrive at the Machine and confront Uranos, with Erik using his powers to keep his body alive after having had his heart ripped out of his body during Uranos' rampage in Arakko. They fight Uranos, buying Iron Man enough time to hack his portals and hand control of them over to Magneto. Erik surrounds Uranos with his own portals, taking him down with his own firepower. Magneto succumbs to his injuries and dies in Storm's arms. In his final moments, the Progenitor appears to him as Anya Eisenhardt, and passes him. With Uranos back on his cell, telekinetically reassembling himself, the Progenitor appears before Ikaris and Sersi, it passes the former and fails the latter.

Standing on a podium in front of the Progenitor, Starfox addresses it. He argues that the Progenitor's judgment served as a wake-up call, and asks that it gives the Earth the chance to build a better tomorrow. The world observes in suspense as the Progenitor silently tips its thumb downward. In its narration, it explains that the people of Earth took for granted that they could strive to be better tomorrow, without realizing that their tomorrows would one day run out. In Manhattan, Captain America fails to use his shield to protect a bystander next to him from a destructive beam that kills everybody around him. He exclaims in horror that they're going to die.

Solicit Synopsis

The clock is ticking and midnight looms. It's not too late.

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