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Quote1 This parody of God wants to cast us into the fires. I reject it. I reject this. But if we have hours to live, we're going to live them. We're going to love and live and fight, my friend. If the spark is about anything, it's about raging against the dying of the light. The spark will burn. Quote2

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Synopsis for 1st story

In the North Pole, Iron Man, Makkari, Mister Sinister, Phastos, Ajak, Starfox and Sersi flee from the Progenitor's sight as it prepares to render its sentencing, and commands the world to end. The skies start to burn, and Tom dwells in self-pity at his home. His son prepares to come out to him. Katrina heads into the streets to help people. Komali overlooks the chaos from her window and waits. Daniela embraces her mother. Jada walks toward Captain America on the streets, lamenting that he was wrong. Scared, Kenta hugs his parents.

Jada approaches Steve as he sits dejected at the steps of the Treehouse. She offers him a cup of coffee and sits next to him. They talk about idealism until Nightcrawler interrupts them to take Steve to the North Pole to confront the Progenitor. The mutant psychics broadcast to the entire world as Captain America stands up against the Progenitor. The godly creature looks down as Steve decries it and spurs the world on to keep fighting, declaring the entire world as Avengers. The Celestial replies by sending down a lightning bolt that incinerates him and Kurt in an instant. As Nightcrawler returns to life in Krakoa, Jean Grey informs him that the broadcast managed to defuse the worldwide chaos, and that the anger of the people is now directed against the Progenitor. The Eternals and Iron Man convene with the Professor X and the War Captains, and plan to attack the Progenitor on its weak point. In order to prevent the Eternals from engaging their principle to protect Celestials, they agree to turn off their psychic firewalls so that the mutant psychics can take them over. Destiny states that this is their only chance, with certain modifications.

Iron Man leads the charge against the Progenitor, as the Avengers, the Eternals, including the Hex, and the mutants are joined by Earth's other heroes, such as Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, and even Doctor Doom, as well as the human military. The military's fire distracts the Progenitor long enough for the Hex to get close. The Celestial's counterattack, in turn, leaves it open for a riposte from a group of heroes. The heavy-hitters such as Ikaris, Exodus and Captain Marvel, attack all at once, exposing the Progenitor for a final blow from Thor. However, the Progenitor burns them all to death, and the Hex similarly fall. Turning its attention to the assortment of heroes, the Progenitor kills them all in different ways. In distress, Iron Man orders a retreat of the remaining forces.

The Progenitor continues making the Earth burn. It spots a spaceship populated by the elite trying to escape the planet, and it shoots it down. It destroys the Resurrection Engines and Krakoa as well, killing numerous mutants, including Egg and Destiny. A few survivors escape to the Avengers Mansion with a handful of resurrection eggs. Nightcralwer ascertains something Destiny had mentioned, that as long as they left certain people in Krakoa, the Celestial would assume it killed them all. He states that they can evacuate anyone else, but only have a limited supply of eggs. Phastos warns that the Progenitor is integrating with the Machine That Is Earth. As Wolverine returns to life from an egg in the kitchen, Nightcralwer asks for his input in taking a discreet approach against the Progenitor, but Logan defers to Jack of Knives.

Iron Man, Jean Grey, Ajak, Makkari, Sersi, Mister Sinister, Jack of Knives and Wolverine gather on top of a teleportation platform, with Phastos granting Grey personalized firewall access to Ajak, Makkari and Sersi in case the principles start interfering. They are teleported to the North Pole and enter the Progenitor while cloaked through an aperture in its heels. However, they're quickly detected. Jack of Knives runs outside to distract the Progenitor, and is killed. Jean telepathically contacts the Avengers Mansion, asking they buy the strike team every second they can. In the kitchen, Exodus protests as Proteus prepares to use an egg, arguing that Cyclops should be resurrected instead. Nightcrawler agrees that Cyclops is a great leader, but not who the Earth needs right now. The remaining Five activate the egg, and Captain America's arm bursts out of it, sporting his shield.

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