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Quote1 I'm a prisoner. I have to be a prisoner. I'm a political prisoner. I'm not going to let them turn me into a criminal. Quote2

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Tattooed inmate
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Synopsis for 1st story

Iron Man attempts to offer his aid in rebuilding K'un-Lun but Lei Kung refuses him.

Cyclops takes down the three men trying to kill him and Jake and grabs a handful of metal fillings which he hides away on his person before they return to their cellblock.

Kitty visits Emma in prison but Emma initially refuses to speak with her. She eventually remarks that in all the time she was a "villain" she never ended up in jail and she's sad that the children will be denied her influence in favor of Kitty's. Kitty tells her that they've got so much in common, to which Emma answers that both their men turned out to be idiots. Kitty answers that the only difference is that she was smart enough to know when to leave.

In their cell, Jake remarks that in all of his life, he never had anything that could pass for a talent, but now that he's a mutant, he has a gift. Cyclops recommends Wolverine's school to him, telling him that they take older students and that he did all he did in order to insure that there would be people like him and that they would have a future. Before going to bed, Cyclops drops the metal fillings on the floor, making a circle and some signs.

Wolverine tells Captain America that Cyclops has a death wish but that he's hiding something as well. He questions why they don't just yank it out of his head and Maria Hill responds that all of their telepaths were on Cyclops' side during the insurrection. They speculate that Cyclops must have someone on the inside. Agent Brand brings in Sydren to scan Wolverine and determine if he's telling the truth about not knowing whether any of his mutants are helping Cyclops. Sydren determines that he is, at least as far as he knows.

Storm walks into her bedroom and finds Magik waiting for her there. Magik tells her that she knows she's searching for her brother and leaves her an envelope containing his location, telling her she should bring him in. Storm agrees that she should.

Hope writes a letter to Laurie, telling her about her experiences in a normal school, trying to live a normal life. She tells her about how she thinks about the Five Lights and how she approaches her life with how they would have acted in mind. She says she also thinks of Cable however and decides to find him.

Cyclops wakes to find the metal fillings having formed a message from saying "Hello Scott". Magneto asks if he should break him out, but Cyclops tells him no, saying that he's a political prisoner and won't let them turn him into a criminal.

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