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Quote1 Our roles are nothing more than how the times choose to cast us. Quote2

Appearing in 1st story

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  • Tattooed inmate
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Synopsis for 1st story

Cyclops is approached by Iron Man who tells him he wants to run some tests on him to learn more about the Phoenix. Cyclops asks him why he should do anything for him and Iron Man answers that he knew Hope would succeed in creating mutants, upon which Cyclops agrees.

Agent Brand makes contact with Magneto, who thanks her for alerting him of the Avengers hunt once again. Brand tells him she's buried a virus in their system which will alert him on his positions before anyone that would hunt him gets the information. Magneto asks her why she's going to all this trouble for him, and Brand answers that while everyone knows that she is half alien, not everyone knows she is also a mutant and she believes there need to be people willing to do whatever it takes to make the world safe for their children.

Hope journeys into the sea beneath Utopia where she is approached by Namor. Namor tells her that he's not there to harm her, and Hope tells him she's come to find some of her fathers files that sunk with Utopia. She also asks Namor if he's okay, to which Namor responds that it was war and he did what he had to do. Hope yells at him for almost destroying Wakanda and Namor responds that her father would have understood. Hope tells him that he doesn't know her father and that he taught her the difference between a war and a war crime. Namor is initially flustered but regains his composure and tells her that one does not speak to a king of Atlantis so. They stand in silence for a while, and before leaving he tells her that waves of fire towered above him and that he felt like a single krill lost in an endless ocean. He then asks her if she has ever felt small, telling her that he never had and that he disliked it intensely before leaving.

Storm finds Colossus in a cave in Siberia, building a carving out of Magik. Storm tells him he has to come in but Colossus tells her he doesn't have to do anything. She asks him what he's been doing here and he tells her that he's been doing a lot of thinking and that he longer trusts his heart before shattering the carving of Magik. He tells her that he just wants to be left alone and that the decision is hers to take him in or leave him be. Storm decides to leave, but before she does, Colossus tells her that if she finds his sister, kill her. Magneto suddenly appears, remarking that Storm came to the same conclusion as him, that Colossus is best left on his own. Magneto tells her that if Colossus was to come in, he wanted it to be with someone he and Colossus trusts. Before leaving, Storm asks Magneto if he still thinks this is all glorious and he responds that it is regrettable, since for a while, hero and villain worked together for a greater purpose. Storm tells him that he's not a villain and Magneto thanks her, before responding that their roles are nothing more than how the times choose to cast them.

While Cyclops is being led to another meeting with Iron Man, Jake is stabbed by the same thugs that tried to kill them earlier. Cyclops rushes to his aid but one of the guards incapacitates him before he can help them. Later, Cyclops is approached by Wolverine, who tells him that he knows how Cyclops feels and what he'll want to do next. He also tells him that he believes that he'd never want to deliberately kill Professor X and that Cyclops was always his role model for how to be a better man and that to this day, he still asks himself "what would Scott Summers do". He tells him not to give up on himself and to be the better man and that he won't let Cyclops damn himself any more. Cyclops thanks him but later decides that he needs to break out now. He contacts Magneto who embarks together with Danger and Magik.


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