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Aa-Thak was a sorcerer who aspired to become the most powerful shaman of the Pict clans. During a conclave between the Pict tribes of Tathel, Aa-Thak challenged fellow shaman, Gonar. Before their magical fight would have a conclusion, they were interrupted by a raid from Atlanteans and the Picts went to confront their enemies. An Atlantean war band attacked the village to kidnap Dinaldo, a Valusian emissary, and Aa-Thak summoned Jaggta-Noga, demon-lord of the Lost Land, slaughtering almost all the Atlanteans. Gonar's powers had let him learn that one of the Atlanteans would be a important man for the future of Picts and Valusians so he intervened. With his staff, Gonar wounded Aa-Thak and then banished the demon back to his dark realm before he could kill the Atlantean survivor. This survivor would later in the future become Kull, King of Valusia.[2]






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