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The Aakon were an extraterrestrial race from the Milky Way galaxy, that lived on the planet Oorga and were enemies of the Kree.

An Aakon force battled a Kree contingent led by Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg on the dark side of the Moon. Both sides suffered losses and the Aakon escaped.[1]

Their Intergalactic Council allied with the Shadow Consortium and sought the destruction of all human life due to the perceived universal threat of Earth's population of super-beings.[2]

The species have colonized Nycos Aristedes, using the ship called the Kallis Ateratar until it was destroyed by the Annihilation Wave.

Alternate Universes[]


The Aakon were a race of hairless yellow-skinned humanoids originating from the planet Aakon. They expanded through the galaxy and allied with the Nova Corps, though some were also members of the Ravagers.[3] The homeworld of the Aakon was also one of countless of planets where Ego planted a seed to eventually assimilate it. When Ego kickstarted his expansion, Aakon was among the planets almost destroyed by his seeds before he was stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy.[4]



75% Desert, 25% Marsh and Ice


132% Earth standard


168% Earth density, with high oxygen content


300,000 (on planet), 800,000 (in space armadas)


Type of Government

Militaristic, ruled by council of elders made up of retired generals.

Level of Technology

The Aakon have built starships with intermediate interstellar capacity. Their technology is slightly more advanced than Earth's.

Cultural Traits

The Aakon are self-destructively war-like, all endeavors relate to their war effort with lack of genius.



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