The Aakon were an extraterrestrial race from the Milky Way galaxy, that lived on the planet Oorga and were enemies of the Kree.

An Aakon force battled a Kree contingent led by Captain Marvel and Yon-Rogg on the dark side of the Moon. Both sides suffered losses and the Aakon escaped.[1]

Their Intergalactic Council allied with the Shadow Consortium and sought the destruction of all human life due to the perceived universal threat of Earth's population of super-beings.[2]

The species have colonized Nycos Aristedes, using the ship called the Kallis Ateratar until it was destroyed by the Annihilation Wave.


Habitat: 75% Desert, 25% Marsh and Ice
Gravity: 132% Earth standard
Atmosphere: 168% Earth density, with high oxygen content
Population: 300,000 (on planet), 800,000 (in space armadas)


Type of Government: Militaristic, ruled by council of elders made up of retired generals.
Level of Technology: The Aakon have built starships with intermediate interstellar capacity. Their technology is slightly more advanced than Earth's.
Cultural Traits: The Aakon are self-destructively war-like, all endeavors relate to their war effort with lack of genius.
Representatives: Aalbort, Aaron, Daakor, Ooru, Rambu, Why'rion.
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