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Quote1 Aamir, if you don't stop praying long enough to put some food in our mouth, one day you will starve to death. Quote2
Yusuf Khan[src]

Aamir was the eldest child and only son of Yusuf and Muneeba Khan, and the older brother of Kamala Khan.


Aamir graduated from Coles Academic High School.[1] During his "goth phase" in his teens Aamir worked at Hot Topic.[2] When he grew older, Aamir became a more devout Muslim.[3]

During his and Tyesha's wedding reception, Kamran arrived to warn Kamala that his mother and Clandestines was coming to forcibly take the bangle from her. Worried for the lives of her friends and family, Kamala triggered the fire alarm to clear out the building ruining the end of the reception.[4]

He and Tyesha both learned about Kamala's superpowers when they overheard a telephone conversation between Yusuf and Muneeba on speaker phone. While trying to protect Kamran from Damage Control, Aamir was sent by his parents to assist Kamala and her friends.[1]


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