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Aamir Khan was born is Karachi, Pakistan, the son of Muneeba and Yusuf Khan. They eventually moved from Karachi, and settled in Jersey City, New Jersey in the United States of America.[1] His younger sister, Kamala, secretly became the super hero Ms. Marvel when exposed to Terrigen Mist.[2] While unemployed, Aamir prayed a lot, and although his parents wished he would concentrate more on getting a job, he insisted that this was all part of God's plan.[3]

Aamir was later kidnapped by Kamran in an effort to impress Lineage,[4] then exposed to what Kamran thought was Terrigen Mist, expecting his latent Inhuman genes to activate.[5] But whatever it was that Kamran stole from New Attilan, Captain Marvel insisted it was not what he believed, as it did not induce Terrigenesis, though it did grant Aamir the ability to generate psychic force fields, which he used to fight off Kamran.[6]



Psionic Force Fields: After being exposed to an unknown chemical stolen from New Attilan, the cells of Aamir's brain produced a potent manifestation, enabling him to project a field of psionic force, which he could manipulate into a number of relatively simple forms around his body.[6]

  • Shock Waves: Aamir was capable of using these projections as shock waves, hitting his opponents with the force field capable of hurting Kamran, though he did not appear to be able to control this ability, as he inadvertently released shock waves when sneezing.[6]
Whether or not the powers were temporary and wore off with healing and prayer as suggested, or Aamir still retains them, remains to be seen.[6]


  • Aamir shares his name with the British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan.

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