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Quote1 Alone, I stand against the rising tide. And as I live, all evil shall fall. Quote2
The Spider-Man[src]


Early Adventures[]

On Earth-31411, Aaron Aikman was a scientist working for the Ikegami Medical Center, specializing in the medical application of insect venoms. When he was twenty, Hannah, the daughter of his boss Kaori Ikegami, was critically injured after being hit by a car and he volunteered his services to help her recover. Eventually, he and Kaori became romantically involved.[1]

Kaori Ikegami (Earth-31411) from Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 1 3 0002

Aaron Aikman with Kaori and Hannah Ikegami

When he was twenty-four, Aaron secretly underwent an experimental treatment that resequenced his DNA with that of a genetically-altered spider, developing superhuman abilities. Building a suit of cybernetic armor to augment his powers, Aaron became the Spider-Man to combat the super villain Redeye.[1]

More villains emerged, but Aaron managed to defeat them until he was confronted with a cyborg woman called Naamurah, who had been kidnapping people. Naamurah easily defeated him, leaving him with a cryptic warning that there were others like her. While upgrading his armor for a rematch with Naamurah, he was confronted by Kaori, who he had grown estranged from. She attempted to restart their relationship, but when he asked her if the reason she became distant was because Hannah had died, Kaori furiously left.[1]

Attack of the Multiverse[]

Aaron was brought to Earth-TRN461 by Spider-UK and the native Silk to help the Spider-Men battle the Inheritors.[3]

While tracking Naamurah back home, Aaron was attacked by a similar being calling himself Daarroh, who told him that death was coming for him. Recognizing Daarroh to be one of Naamurah's kidnapped victims and that the device enabling him to be possessed was of his own invention, Aaron confronted Kaori, who confessed that Naamurah was Hannah, possessed by an entity from another dimension.[1]

Daarroh (Earth-001) from Edge of Spider-Verse Vol 1 3 0002

Meeting Daarroh

She told him that Naamurah had manipulated her into outfitting all of the kidnapping victims with the devices, creating a possessed army. Aaron rushed to put a stop to Naamurah and her kin, but before he could do so, Aikman was confronted by Morlun of the Inheritors,[1] who killed him.[4]


Spider-Man was resurrected after Silk stabbed Morlun with the Totem Dagger. Many late spider-totems were brought back and those in Shathra's Hive were freed and teleported to Silk's reality. He aided the Spider-Army in holding back Shathra until she was defeated by Dr. Peter Parker.[2]







A neuro-pulse stinger attached to a retractable cable on his belt.[1]



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