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Aaron Davis is the brother of the late Officer Jefferson Davis.[2]

Aaron Davis (Earth-1048) from Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales 001

As the Prowler


Aaron became estranged from the rest of his family, including his brother and his sister-in-law, and most of all, his nephew, after Jefferson Davis cut him out of his life. This was because despite his promises on multiple occasions that he would not return to a life of crime, Aaron continued to resume activities as the mercenary and vigilante Prowler.

Later on, Aaron took a job as a subway worker, where he called on the new Spider-Man for help getting the subways up and running again after interference by the gang known as the Underground. When Spider-Man was done fixing the trains, Aaron gave him a one-year unlimited subway pass with the name of his nephew Miles on it. Alarmed, the new Spider-Man fled, but Aaron revealed that he knew the new Spider-Man was Miles and told him to come to him if he ever got in trouble.

Miles Morales (Earth-1048) and Aaron Davis (Earth-1048) from Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales 001

Team-up with Spider-Man

Later on, Aaron ran into Miles (as Spider-Man) again when Miles broke into a Roxxon lab to acquire missing evidence in a conspiracy he was investigating. Aaron insisted that Roxxon was dangerous people and that Miles should leave, but Miles refused to do so until he had gotten what he came for, which Aaron remarked was all too similar to Jefferson's stubborn attitude. In spite of this, he helped to guide Miles to the evidence he was searching for, a phone owned by Miles' friend Phin. When the two were confronted by Roxxon soldiers, they teamed up to fight them off and then escaped via the subway. Aaron advised his nephew to never take off his mask, as it would endanger himself and everyone he loved. Aaron went on to suggest that Miles should give up this life, as it was dangerous, but Miles insisted that he had to continue on his mission, and admitted that his friend Phin was the Underground member known as the Tinkerer. Aaron suggested that Miles lie to Phin to get into the Underground and gather information, which made Miles uncomfortable. The two then parted ways.

Aaron was contacted again later on when Miles was feeling stressed out by the burdens of being a hero. When they met up, Aaron told Miles that he and Jefferson had been working on a music mix when they were younger together based on the sounds of the city, and suggested that he complete that mix in order to blow off steam. Miles agreed, and Aaron showed him how to capture the sounds as he and his brother once had. While they talked, Miles revealed that he and Phin were on the outs because of how much he had lied to her, and Aaron suggested they meet up and talk. Miles stated that he planned to meet her at Trinity Church before departing. When Miles was out of earshot, however, Aaron reported to Roxxon executive Simon Krieger, who he had begun working for as Prowler at some earlier point, that the Tinkerer would be at Trinity Church the next day, but he demanded that Spider-Man not be touched.

Aaron would later go to Krieger as Prowler at a Roxxon lab, enraged that Krieger had reneged on their deal and captured Spider-Man anyway, but Krieger simply replied that Spider-Man was leverage against the Tinkerer, who cared about him, and apparently against the Prowler too. Prowler threatened to bring Krieger down with everything that he knew about him, but Krieger shrugged this off as well, saying that Prowler would be sharing the cell right next to his if he decided to go public with his information, which put an end to the argument. Unbeknownst to either man, Miles was listening to the whole exchange.

Aaron would later find out that Miles planned to confront the Tinkerer and Krieger at Roxxon and, not wanting to lose Miles the way he had lost his brother, Aaron suited up as the Prowler and tranquilized his nephew as he was swinging through the city, imprisoning him in an abandoned subway terminal. When Miles came to, he was irate at his uncle's actions, but Aaron tried to explain to him that it was dangerous what Miles was about to do and that he would be better off letting the Underground and Roxxon kill each other off and then remerging when the smoke cleared. This made Miles even angrier, who rebutted his uncle's arguments, saying that he refused to sit idly by while people were in danger just to save his own skin. Miles then broke out of the containment cell Aaron had fashioned out of his Prowler gadgets and battled his uncle. Aaron attempted to use his invisibility technology to hide from Miles and restrain him again, but this tech was no match for Miles' spider-sense, and Miles managed to beat his uncle. Aaron made a final appeal to Miles as family, but Miles berated him for even considering them family anymore, especially after Aaron had sold Miles and Phin out to Krieger. Aaron told Miles that he hadn't sold them out and that Krieger had broken the deal they had made, but Miles didn't want to hear it and quickly left a dejected Aaron webbed to a wall.

Aaron later managed to break free of this and decided that if he couldn't stop his nephew from risking his life, then he would at least help his nephew do the right thing. As Miles collected residents of Harlem to evacuate them, Aaron showed up as Prowler and beat down Roxxon soldiers, urging Miles to do what he had to do. After Miles succeeded at stopping the Nuform reactor from decimating Harlem, though at the cost of Phin's life, Miles released evidence which indicted Krieger for all his crimes. Knowing he would go down with Krieger, Aaron turned himself in and flipped on Krieger for a reduced sentence.[1]


Despite seemingly being fairly loyal to his family, Davis is unpredictable at times and has lied and omitted important information for his own protection or gain on multiple occasions. Though he considers himself to be a vigilante, he is somewhat selfish and does what is best for himself before helping others. He lied to his brother frequently when Jefferson was still alive, promising that he was leaving his life of crime behind when in fact he was taking up the identity of the Prowler. Likewise, he sold Miles' friend Phin out to corrupt executive Simon Krieger after Miles told him where they would be, not knowing his uncle's ulterior motives. He also captured Miles and tried to imprison him in a subway terminal to keep him from hurting himself trying to stop the Underground and Roxxon. While this demonstrates his care for his family, it also shows his callousness and selfishness. Eventually, however, Davis did the right thing by arriving as the Prowler to help Miles save the day and turning on Krieger to ensure he was arrested, even though it meant Davis would be imprisoned, too.[1]



  • Electrical Engineering
  • Expert Combatant: Davis is a skilled combatant, exercising a unique fighting style as the Prowler.
  • Skilled Detective: Davis managed to deduce his nephew's identity as Spider-Man simply by watching his fighting style.




  • Aaron is forty-one years old.[1]

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