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Aaron Davis was stationed on a military base where they attempted to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum. He stole a vial of it and stashed it in his home, where it was discovered by his nephew Miles who exposed himself to the vapors within. As Aaron rushed in, he discovered Miles's physique has grown to perfection. As he became the first successful super soldier since Steve Rogers. Aaron wasn't convicted of the theft and he and the military trained him to become the new Captain America. After a successful mission in Russia against the Black Widows, the helicopter was shot down and Aaron presumably fell to his death. Aaron survived and recovered in several black sites all over the world, growing resentful towards his nephew gaining his abilities and Aaron gaining nothing. He eventually took the identity of the Prowler, began working for Lonnie Lincoln, and helped with obtain a Cosmic Cube to power an inter-dimensional portal. He was confronted by Captain America and the Falcon and after revealing his identity to Miles, assisted in destroying the Cube. In the ensuing explosion, Aaron slipped away but returned and retrieved a fragment of the Cube.[1]

This Aaron assembled an alliance of Variants of himself and traveled to the Prime Marvel Universe to gain a device to forge their own reality. They were confronted by a group of alternate Miles Morales and were defeated, returning them to their home realities.[2]



Formerly a Cosmic Cube shard


This version of the Prowler bears resemblance to his Earth-1048 counterpart.

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