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Aaron Fischer was a young man when he ran away from home after his father physically abused him for being gay. He became a vagabond in Las Vegas, and investigated the disappearance of disadvantaged teens throughout the city. He discovered that Roxxon was behind the disappearances and was kidnapped while investigating. Using the symbolism of Captain America and a makeshift shield, he was able to fight back and escape. He began riding the rails around the country with his boyfriend Adrian, protecting the destitute and the runaways as the Captain America of the Railways.

Aaron crossed paths with his heroes Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson when a train he was on was attacked by Speed Demon, who was impersonating Captain America. Initially mistaking Aaron for the culprit, the two detained him before he was able to explain his history. He prepared to assist the two heroes before becoming the target of Sin's sniping. Aaron was saved by Captain America and revealed that there were more Captains all across the country as part of a Captains Network. After receiving medical treatment, Aaron fled the next morning.[1]

Powers and Abilities


None. Aaron Fischer is an ordinary human being.


Aaron appears fairly physically weak. Steve Rogers himself noted that he looked like a strong breeze could blow him over, but that he made up for it by being "a scrapper."[1]



A homemade facsimile of Captain America's Shield




  • As of his first appearance, Aaron was nineteen years old.[1]
  • According to co-creator Josh Trujillo, Fischer “is inspired by heroes of the queer community: activists, leaders, and everyday folks pushing for a better life.” and “He stands for the oppressed, and the forgotten."[2]

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