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Personal Life

Aaron studied business at Oregon State University for a year. He eventually left Oregon State to pursue a career in film. Lopestri studied at community college for two years and then went to study at USC School of Cinematic Arts in Los Angeles. He and his wife, Shelley Lopestri, have two children, Josh and Samantha.


Lopresti's first work was at Malibu Comics, Sludge, in 1993. He illustrated many comics for Marvel and DC. He drew covers for Adventure Comics and Superman: Last Stand of New Krypton. Lopresti was amongst the new creative team running DC Comics' The New 52 relaunch in 2011. He was the penciller for new Justice League International series, working with writer Dan Jurgens. Lopresti and writer Christy Marx produced a revival of Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld in the Sword of Sorcery.

He has written and illustrated the serialized Garbage Man series for DC Comics to replace Swamp Thing which at the time was being held captive by Vertigo. That project was followed by work on Detective Comics and Legends of the Dark Knight. Lopresti wrote and illustrated Power Cubed, which was published by Dark Horse Comics. He also wrote and illustrated the Metamorpho series for DC Comics.