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Quote1.png Figures the only thing my dad left for me would be nothing but trouble. Quote2.png
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Aaron was the son of Owen Reece, known as the Molecule Man. Aaron had a difficult childhood growing up, with father being a villain and his parents would always fight and argue, eventually his father was arrested and his mother had went away, leaving him all alone. Aaron was able to recover his fathers wand as the last thing he has from him and kept it away from those who would take it from him.

Hawkeye and Black Widow were looking for Molecule Man only to encounter his son Aaron who was being targeted by A.I.M. when he was in the possession of his father's wand. After ditching A.I.M., Aaron went the run with Hawkeye and Black Widow in pursuit. Aaron considered the Avengers and A.I.M. the same as they both wanted his father's wand.

Things got worse when the Super-Adaptoid arrived and captured Aaron. Captain America came to Black Widow and Hawkeye's aid and they tripped Super-Adaptoid upon Falcon's arrival. While Captain America and Falcon fought Super-Adaptiod, Black Widow and Hawkeye tried to reason with Aaron until Iron Man arrived. The wand was accidentally broken causing reality to be broken. When Super-Adaptoid attacked, Aaron used the wand's fragments to defeat Super-Adaptoid and undo the damages with Iron Man's help. The others shut down Super-Adaptoid. Aaron was then given to Nick Fury to put in his training program for teenage superheroes.[1]



Seemingly those of the Owen Reece of Earth-616.

  • Molecular Manipulation: He has inherited the ability to manipulate the molecules within matter on varying degrees.[1] Through concentration, he projects a psionic-manipulative energy, the precise nature of which is unknown, that alters the arrangement of molecules according to any visualized pattern. He can use his matter-manipulating abilities, to stimulate other powers, like telekinesis,[1] energy blasts, force-field creation and manipulation, and even portal creation.[1]



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