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Aaron Soames, 65, was deprived of his 35-year pension from Cordco, Incorporated when his legal records were accidentally destroyed and his employer Edwin Cord refused to acknowledge his claim.

Soames stole an armor developed by Cord Conglomerate for the United States government. While trying to take revenge on Cord, Soames came to blows with Daredevil. Finally cornering Cord in front of the hero, Soames took his revenge - but not by killing his target. Rather, he destroyed Cord's ID cards and legal papers from his wallet, symbolically paying back his ex-employer for his betrayal. Right afterward, Soames was killed by Cord's security men firing a concussion beam which pierced his armor.

Daredevil, in his civilian identity as Matt Murdock, was one of the few mourners at Soames' funeral.[1]



All of Soames' abilities stemmed from his battlesuit.



Battlesuit: The Mauler power armor provided protection from physical and energy attacks, boosted the wearer's strength and stamina to superhuman levels, and slightly boosted the wearer's reflexes/coordination. An internal life support systems could keep a wearer functional for several days. Electric, air-breathing turbines in the calves allowed the wearer to fly. On the right arm, a solid state laser cannon was mounted, as well as an electron particle gun (which used the laser cannon in short-pulse mode as a guide). The left palm could generate a high-frequency electric shock.


Suit-enabled flight

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