Stack's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's.

Machine Man's remains

After nuclear war and biological attacks from the Black Scythe wiped out much of humanity and devastated the world, Stack lived with the descendants of the employees of the White House who survived the onslaught in a hidden bunker beneath the structure. One day, he and the survivors stumbled upon the Hulk after he followed one of the survivors into a passage that led into the bunker. Stack greeted Hulk but told him that his large size meant that he would greatly lessen the time their supplies lasted. Stack then showed Hulk a city called Dystopia, which was built upon the ruins of New York City by someone called Maestro. Curious about Dystopia, Hulk left the bunker and ventured toward the city.[1]

Machine Man was one of the heroes killed by Hulk when he became the new Maestro. His remains were placed on display inside Rick Jones' trophy room.[2]


Seemingly those of the X-51 of Earth-616.

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