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Machine Man's history is presumably similar to his Earth-616 counterpart's. Machine Man survived the devastation the Kree brought upon Earth, and decades later, he joined the Human Torch's colony of robots hidden in the Arctic region. One day, Machine Man fled the colony, not being seen for months.[1]

Machine Man was secretly reprogrammed by Attuma to conduct terrorist attacks in order to instigate a war on the surface world.[2] While Namor and Luke Cage were in the Baxter Building as part of an investigation into the Torch, Machine Man attacked them both in order to kill them. After a brief fight, Machine Man lied, telling pair that the Torch planned on forming an army to take over the world and left.[3]

Stack later snuck into Dry Man's Land, an Atlantean colony for humans to live in. He approached Captain America, asking for help. Rogers helped Stack make contact with Namor and the Torch. However, Stack then told Torch that what he did was in his name and his new world order before blowing himself up and destroying Dry Man's Land.[1]



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