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Possessed by the Molecule Man [2]

Aaron Stankey was an ex-boxer, [1] who had the bad luck of crossing paths with the super-villain known as Klaw. Klaw was in possession of a wand containing the essence of the Molecule Man who was seeking a new body. Forcing the wand on Stankey, he was possessed by the Molecule Man. [2] The pair then attacked the Baxter Building, headquarters of the Fantastic Four. There they ambushed the FF's guest, the alien known as the Impossible Man. [3] The Molecule Man sought a psi-amplifier that was invented by Mister Fantastic, as he believed it would make his possession over Stankey's body permanent. When the Fantastic Four returned home from their last mission, they clashed with Klaw and the Molecule Man. Ultimately, Reed managed to disconnect the Psi-Amplifier before the Molecule Man could utilize the device, the feedback caused him to drop his wand, freeing Stankey from the Molecule Man's control. But moments later the Molecule Man managed to possess Mister Fantastic. [2] Eventually, the Fantastic Four managed to free Reed and defeat the Molecule Man. [4] Stankey's activities thereafter are unknown.

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