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Aaron appeared out of nowhere at a gas station in the American Southwest. He first met Lucy Scott and her father, and applied for a job at their station as a handyman. Aaron was hired instantly when he began to fix things that were unable to be repaired in a seemingly miraculous fashion. He was caught many times by Lucy or her father staring off into darkness, until one day three wizards showed up and attempted to take Aaron away with them. Apparently, they had been pursuing Aaron for quite some time, and he had no intention of going with them. The four of them began to fight each other using mystical skills. Aaron was able to negate the three wizards' efforts combined; the only thing they were able to do was take his powers and leave. He then remained at the station to try a normal life with Lucy.[1]



Aaron was able to cast spells and negate them as he wished, with no known limit. He magically fixed many items around the station, and temporarily turned the three wizards into mice. He was also able to create things like a knight and rain clouds.


  • Carson City was mentioned in the story, so it is possible it took place in Nevada.
  • It is believed among some that Aaron was a runaway witch from New Salem due to the fact that shortly after his story took place, the Fantastic Four met witches in New Salem in Fantastic Four #185. New Salem is relatively close to Carson City.


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