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8th century

Abdul Alhazred was born in the 8th century in Saudi Arabia.[1][6]

The same century,[7] he created the legendary Necronomicon, a powerful black magic tome patterned after the Darkhold,[1] or inspired by it,[8] though it was theorized that the Darkhold, like the Necronomicon, the Oracles of Zoroaster, and other mystic scrolls and books, was in fact simply a collection of imperfect copies of the ancient writings etched on the walls of R'llyeh by ancient beings.[9]


At some point, Alhazred's spirit became trapped in the realm Pellucidar, a pocket dimension formerly accessed within subterranean Earth. It has been hypothesized that he died in Pellucidar or that his spirit was transported there by the Great Race of Yith. Alhazred's spirit was stored within the crystal of the reptilian Mahars of Pellucidar.[1]


While trying to take over Tyger Tiger's syndicate in Madripoor, Abdul hired a group of various mercenaries to kidnap Tyger Tiger and Archie Corrigan, which included: Stump, Sheik, Scarface, Dumas, Rhys, and Barrett (aka Chief).[10] When Abdul encountered Wolverine, he sent demons against him. His plan backfired and Abdul was banished to the realm of his demons.[11]


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Abdul was considered a superhuman,[6] has a number of magical abilities. He can teleport (usually appearing and disappearing in a cloud of green smoke) and mesmerize others. He has superhuman strength and durability, but this may be only a reflection of his ability to control the perceptions of others. His also able to summon demons from another realm.[1]

He was shown to withstand a direct gun shot at the head without suffering any damage (as if the bullet was swallowed by the shade under his hood),[12] or take a punch from Logan in the gut without even moving.[13]


If anybody can mentally resist psychic attack by the demons he summons generates a powerful feedback that banishes him to the realm of his demons.[1]



His powers are presumably magnified with the possession of the Necronomicon.[1]


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