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Abdomina was one of the heroic companions of Majestar, the hero of Noblor, a land that occupied half of the far-off planet Muscula. Alongside Majestar's other allies, Biceptor and Legday, they were locked in eternal conflict against the land that comprised Muscula's other half, Evillius, and its ruler Rapskullion.

After Majestar's drab brother Otherone became a powerhouse when he swallowed the Power Stone, he convinced Majestar and his friends to accompany him in an unprecedented assault on Rapskullion's territory. During the confrontation, Otherone imbued Majestar's weapon, the Sword of Strength, with the Power Stone and accidentally destroyed the entirety of Evillius, and the chain reaction destroyed the whole planet, killing every Musculan including Abdomina.[1]

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