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During the 1940s, Abdul led a group called the Sons of the Scarab, seeking to end Britain's control of Egypt. They wore ancient Egyptian costumes, likening themselves to the modern servants of the past Pharaohs. To this end they even allied themselves with the Axis forces.[1]

The Invaders arrived to support the British efforts as the 'Desert Fox' General Erwin Rommel began sending German forces.[1]

Claiming he would show them the secret lair of the Sons, Abdul instead had Namor and the Human Torch enter a pyramid where the Ruby Scarab was located. He grabbed the Scarab and battled them as the Scarlet Scarab. However, he saw that the Nazis were attacking Egyptians and had no intentions of fulfilling their promises. So he instead assisted the Invaders in their efforts. However, he still disliked any foreign power being involved, and rebuffed Union Jack's offer of assistance.[2]

At some later point, Abdul apparently allied himself with the Super-Axis for unknown reasons, and clashed with the Invaders again.[3]

Later on, Scarlet Scarab continued to protect Egypt. However, the Scarab eventually returned to the tomb. On his deathbed he passed the knowledge of the Scarab to his son Mehemet.[4]



  • Superhuman strength and durability
  • Was able to fly at roughly 350-400 mph
  • Was able to fire concussive bursts of mystical energy
  • The Scarab also allowed him to sap the power from others on contact.


Abdul needed to maintain contact with the Scarab to use its power.

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