Dr. Abel Stack was one of the scientists who worked for a top-secret U.S military project whose goal was to create a sophisticated weapons system capable of independant thought. They created an army of 51 experimental robotic soldiers capable of acting like humans. Stack took X-51, one of the the projects robots, home to test his radical theory--that a robot could only function like a human if it was raised like one. The other fifty models began displaying psychotic tendencies due to insufficient programming. The project was determined a failure and the order came down to destroy them. Each of the robots was equipped with an auto destruct device that could be triggered remotely. Stack attempted to remove the self-destruct mechanism from X-51, however it was triggered, killing him instantly.[2]

Abel Stack (Earth-616) - X-Men First Class Vol 1 13 001

X-51 survived and vowed that Stack's dream of human and robot peace would come true. As Machine Man, he assumed the name Aaron Stack and became a fugitive in the eyes of the military. He found a world greatly afraid of machines, but managed to build a life for himself.[3]

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