Aberdeen Angus (Earth-616)

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Once a normal human, Aberdeen Angus was transformed by the reality-bending Jasper's Warp which engulfed the U.K. several years ago. [1]

Like many other "Warpies", he was rounded up by R.C.X., and trained to be one of their super-powered operatives. He eventually joined one of their combat-ready squads, the Advocates, which was charged with personal protection of R.C.X. head Nigel Orpington-Smythe and keeping the peace in their Cloud Nine base, located beneath an abandoned church in Liverpool.[2]

This brought him into conflict with Excalibur, who had been kidnapped by R.C.X. to help them find out why many of the Warpies were beginning to revert back to normal humans. Before the cause could be isolated, Aberdeen Angus also began to revert. He was briefly placed in stasis to stabilize his condition.[3]

With Orpington-Smythe's subsequent removal from R.C.X. to be replaced by a more compassionate administration, it is likely, but unconfirmed, that the now human Angus was released and allowed to return to his former life.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Currently none, all of the Warpies were depowered by Captain Britain on Otherworld using the Sword of Might. [4]



Aberdeen wore a variation of a Scottish costume

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