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Quote1.png Growing up is dangerous! Getting old is dangerous. Life doesn't get any safer than were we are right now... Thirteen. [...] We have everything that we want-- we're young, we're strong. We're old enough to understand everything. And young enough not to have to worry about it all. We don't ever have to get married. We don't have to get a job. I'm never going to have to worry about my period. I'll never get cramps! We can be kids forever, Molly. We can be girls. Quote2.png


When Abigail was thirteen years old, in 1964, the Asgardian sorceress Enchantress stumbled upon her playing in a park in New York. Moved by Abigail's innocence and the inability to reminisce her own childhood due to the longetivity of her people, the Enchantress decided to approach her and offer her a gift: a box containing two enchanted cupcakes and a vial. The cupcakes could prevent her from aging, and the vial could undo their effect. Abigail ate one of the cupcakes immediately, and stopped aging. Abigail's parents initially didn't understand why she stopped growing up, and she always insisted to continue acting her physical age. They eventually came to terms with it and were glad they had a daughter that would never leave them, so they helped her keep her secret. Abigail kept the vial, and decided she was going to use it once her parents passed away. Abigail's eternal youth additionally allowed her to learn different skills like martial arts and several languages.[1]

Roughly fifty years later, Abigail was attending the Hollywood Hills Middle School and she befriended Runaways member Molly Hayes. They became inseparable best friends, and Abigail liked Molly so much she decided to share with her her secret,[2] and gave her the reamining cupcake.[3] Molly was hesitant to eat the cupcake, so the following day at school, Abigail lashed out at her and theatened that if she didn't eat it, they would stop being friends. While pondering whether to eat the cupcake or not, Molly accidentally left it in the open at her home, and it was eaten by Julie Power, the girlfriend of Molly's fellow Runaway Karolina Dean.[4] As soon as the Runaways discovered that Julie had reverted to thirteen years of age, they had Molly tell them about Abigail. The Runaways and Julie confronted Abigail at her home, and Abigail fought them while they tried to search her room for a cure. When they found the vial, Abigail tried to stop them from giving it to Julie since Abigail planned to eventually use it. Despite Karolina's reluctance to deprive Abigail of the opportunity to age again, Gert Yorkes and Nico Minoriu agreed that Julie didn't chose this fate for herself, whereas Abigail did. Gert snatched the vial from Karolina's hands and gave it to Julie. She drank it and returned to her proper age, leaving Abigail horribly devastated. Abigail's parents then made the Runaways leave, and the team left feeling lament.[1]



Agelessness: Due to the ingest of the Enchantress' magic cupcake, Abigail cannot age and will forever be stuck with the physique of a thirteen-year-old.[1]


Skilled Martial Artist: Abigail has practised Aikido, capoeira and Krav Maga. She also appears to know fencing.[1]

Multilingual: Abigail can speak eight languages.[1]

Skilled Instrument Player: Abigail can play nine instruments,[1] including the trombon.[4]


  • In Runaways (Vol. 5) #7, Abigail's eyes are colored brown. From the following issue onwards, they are colored green instead.


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