Abigail Harkness lived in Salem during the trials (1692). She was in a relationship with Obadiah Shaw, the son of Reverend Hiram Shaw. Hiram disapproved of their relationship because he thought Abigail was a witch, which was odd, since Hiram was Earth's Sorcerer Supreme at the time. Abigail denied being a witch.[1]

Sarah Shaw, Hiram's wife, mysteriously died and Hiram blamed Abigail. He had her arrested for witchcraft and murder. Obadiah rescued her and the two fled town. As they were escaping, Abigail revealed that she really was a witch and cast a bolt of fire to burn down the entire town, people included. Only Hiram survived.[1]

It is not known what happened to Abigail after this or whether or not Obadiah stayed with her after finding out she was a witch.

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