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Abigail Mercury was the daughter of magnate Cassandra Mercury.[1] She was afflicted with Crooks' disease, a fatal incurable degenerative genetic illness.[2] Due to her position of influence, Cassandra was approached by the Jackal. The Jackal replaced Abigail with a healthy clone, under the pretense he had cured the real one.[1]

Following the death of most of the clones created by the Jackal, including Abigail's, the real one was retrieved by authorities from Transamerica Pyramid, the Jackal's base, where he kept in suspended animation all of the original people he cloned. Still affected by her disease, Abigail remained in a coma at her room in Mercury Rising. Because of Abigail's condition, all Cassandra could do was to wait for her to pass away.

When Cassandra re-encountered Ben Reilly, the Jackal's civilian identity, he requested to see Abigail. The young girl miraculously woke up when he paid her a visit. Reilly then convinced Rita to let him research a way to cure Abigail, under the pretense he actually considered it possible, though she promised to kill him in case Abigail didn't survive.[2]

Abigail eventually died when her body rejected a serum Reilly had cooked up that was meant to slow the progress of her disease.[3] Even though Death then brought her back to life,[4] she still suffered from her disease, thus forcing Ben to try harder to find a way to cure her.[5]

Ben eventually found an antidote, a vial given to him by the Angel Gabriel containing his own blood.[6] However, when Ben presented the antidote to Cassandra and prepared to inject it to Abigail, they were interrupted by the demon Mephisto. Disguised as a futuristic version of Abigail, Mephisto claimed to be the young girl, cursed with agelessness and immortality by the antidote. He convinced Ben to let her alleged present self die since she had only hours left to live. After revealing his true nature, Mephisto left, but not before changing the memories of Cassandra and her bodyguard Slate to make them believe Ben simply let Abby die on a whim. After learning of Mephisto's deception, Ben injected the cure on Abigail's body,[7] but since she had already passed away, the cure didn't have an immediate effect.[8] Between then and Abby's resurrection, Ben was hunted down and killed.[9] Temporarily imbued with Gabriel's powers, Abigail's spirit manifested when Mephisto tried to claim Ben's soul, and she fended him off. In reward for Ben's sacrifice, Abigail returned him to life. Afterwards, Abigail reunited with her mother.[8]


  • A statue of Cassandra and Abigail was erected in the lobby of Cassandra's casino, Mercury Rising.[1]

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