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Abigail Whistler is the illegitimate daughter of Abraham Whistler. She has known of the existence of Vampires since her childhood. Abigail became a member of the Nightstalkers led by Hannibal King, an ex-vampire who sought revenge.

When her father died and Blade was arrested by FBI, Abigail and Hannibal came to the rescue and asked Blade to join their team. The Nightstalkers knew about Dracula’s resurrection and wanted Blade to help them destroy him.

While Blade and Abigail were out, the rest of the team was killed by Dracula, who had taken the form of Abraham Whistler and also kidnapped Zoe Sommerfield. Hannibal King, who had been wounded due to a prior fight with Dracula, was taken by the Vampires to be tortured. Blade and Abigail attacked the House of Talos, freed Hannibal King and fought with all the Vampires and the Familiars. Abigail killed Asher Talos by impaling him with an arrow and then joined Blade to help him in his fight against Dracula. Abigail tried to kill Dracula with an arrow charged with the Daystar Virus, but his reflexes were too fast and she failed. Blade, almost defeated, grabbed Abigail's arrow and stabbed Dracula with it, freeing the Daystar Virus and killing all the vampires in the area, Dracula included.[1]



  • Silver spike on the toe from the toe of her boot, silver throwing a knife from a spring-loaded dispenser strapped to her wrist, ultraviolet arc, compound bow with silver arrows with time-delay explosive tips.


  • Guns and Bow and Arrow.


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