Able Doone was would-be actor. In 1943 he approached film maker the Great Grumlin to land a role in a comedy and attempted to tell some jokes to win him over. Grumlin was in a meeting with the hero known as the Angel, who at the time had been hired as stunt double in Grumlin's next film. Grumlin was unimpressed with Doone's jokes and instead offered him a role as the creature in his film "The Dark Horror" due to his frightening appearance. Doone snapped and attempted to strangle the director but the Angel pulled him off.

After being escorted off the property, Doone returned to his home and vowed to get revenge against those who rejected him by making them die laughing. That night he broke into Grumlin's house and proceeded to tickle the man to death. The Angel arrived on the property but was too late to stop him from murdering Grumlin and was almost killed himself if not for the timely arrival of Grumlin's body guard. Able Doone fled into the night.

Later, on the set of the film which the Angel was hired upon, Doone struck again. He attempted to kill the star of the picture. The Angel intervened once more and this time managed to fight off his attacker. Doone was turned over to the authorities. [1]


Able Doone somehow learned the ability to tickle someone to death. How exactly he could accomplish this is unspecified.

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