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Abner Croit was a researcher studying alternate forms of energy, especially the Darkforce, an extradimensional energy coming from the Darkforce Dimension. Croit had Marcus Daniels working for him, granting him a job despite Daniels' criminal record. [1]

Croit didn't share his knowledge of the Darkforce with Daniels, which lead to an accident that transformed Daniels into a conduit for the Darkforce. [1]

Croit built a special suit and a stabilizer to help Daniels contain and eventually get rid of the power, but Daniels enjoyed his new condition and powers, so he escaped before Croit could cure him. [1]

Months later, Croit tried to convince Daniels that he was able to cure him when Daniels broke into Croit's laboratory, but Daniels refused, convinced that Croit only wanted him for his experiments, so he killed him with a light beam. [1]

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