Abner Doolittle was an eccentric expert on time and dimensional travel who went insane and was placed in an asylum on Zero Street in New York City. There, he created a device that transported the asylum and the entire street, along with its colorful misfits, to an unknown dimension. Calling himself Brother Wonderful, he declared himself leader of these Night People and began sending them to Earth to steal various things for him. He orchestrated the kidnapping of Leila Taylor, causing her boyfriend, the Falcon to look for her. Doolittle then transported the Falcon to Zero Street where he was overwhelmed by the Night People[1].

Unfortunately, the area was over-run by deadly fire-breathing monsters. Doolittle brainwashed the Falcon into combatting these monsters for him and opened another portal to Earth, in the hope of being able to get rid of the monsters by sending them there. Instead, Captain America and Texas Jack Muldoon used this portal to transport to Zero Street and free the Falcon[2]. When the monsters invaded the asylum, Captain America forced everyone through the portal back to Earth and used a mechanism to destroy it before the monsters could follow them[3]. With the rest of the Night People, he was then institutionalized in a SHIELD psychiatric ward[4].

Somehow later he came into service of Roxxon's Nth Command. He created the Nth Projector, a portable unit able to transport matter into other realities. Roxxon offered to assist Thundra into returning to her world but she didn't trust anyone and used the Projector to transport Doolittle and his associates to Femizonia so they couldn't stop her from stealing the device.[5]


Expert on time and dimensional travel.

Strength level

Normal human.


Dimensional Transporter.

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