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Croatian spy Emil Blonsky was sent to America to infiltrate the New Mexican Air Force base where Bruce Banner did his research. However, Blonsky's attempts to sabotage nuclear missiles were unsuccessful. After snooping around in Banner's lab, he activated a machine that bombarded him with enormous amounts of gamma radiation, and transformed him into a green monster that was dubbed "an Abomination".

Gaining strength physically twice that of the Hulk (in his calm state), and keeping his heightened intelligence, Blonsky began a life of destruction around the world. But, even with his new power, Blonsky only found himself filled with bitterness and resentment towards Banner.

Seeing Banner as better off, but as a rampaging, destructive monster at the same time, Blonsky devoted most of his efforts to bringing Banner down. Blonsky continually attacked Banner, or endangered his love, Betty Ross, trying anything he could to destroy Banner. However, Blonsky's efforts were always in vain, as nothing he ever did was enough to crush Banner's spirit.

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