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Synopsis for "Blood Rush"

The Maestro has been ousted as leader of Dystopia and, as the humans who live there try to take charge of their lives, Janis Jones has exiled the Gravity Police, the Maestro's former enforcers. A group of them end up wandering the wastelands where they soon find themselves in the middle of mutate territory and are attacked by an army led the Abomination. He is furious that they have invaded his territory but soon learns that the Maestro is gone and presumed dead. Hearing this news brings great joy to the Abomination who allows his minions to eat the Gravity Police officers. Watching this horror is the young mutate known as Kaspin.

While in the Maestro's former castle, Chira, the leader of Dystopia's new police force, grills her recruits, particularly Sleek, a former Gravity Cop. After reaming them out (despite Janis Jones's protests) she dismisses these raw recruits. As they walk out, Janis assures Chira that these raw recruits have the makings to become fine warriors. They soon witness Dystopia's new leader Captain Agarn and his entourage (Unit, Fricker, and Fracker) passing by in the hallway. Chira tells Jones that she should be leading them, but Jones explains that Agarn was elected by the people. She also downplays her part in bringing down the Maestro, saying all she did was bring the Hulk out of the past and he did all the work. Meanwhile in another chamber, Sleek thanks his comrade Po for sticking up for him earlier. Po is shocked when he sees Sleek's latest project: Mok, a Dog of War that has been repurposed to be loyal to humans. Although Po worries how dangerous the Dog of War is, Sleek assures his friend that there is nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, in the castle library, Librito the caretaker is flustered that Betty-6, one of the Maestro's former mistresses, is pulling a lever she found without considering the possible danger. Betty is not worried and the lever merely reveals a secret passageway behind a bookshelf. Librito is concerned about Betty's safety because she is pregnant. However, his concerns are apparently unfounded as all they find inside is a sarcophagus. Betty-6 believes they will be famous but is furious when they show their find to security and are ejected out of the area while they secure it. The sarcophagus is examined by Cybersilk, who scans it and detects something organic inside. Captain Agarn orders that it be opened immediately. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and the Captain and his troops go outside to see what the commotion is all about. Seeing signs of battle at the far end of the city, Unit uses her cyber-eye to get a closer look and confirms that it is the Abomination and his army of mutates.

Jones rushes inside to secure the building and get everyone to safety. However, as everyone is scrambling to prepare, the Abomination and his monsters come crashing in through the front door. Among those who are killed are Chira, whose dying words to Jones is to run. As Jones and her allies flee, Kaspin informs the Abomination that "she" is in the lower parts of the castle. Interested in this news, the Abomination has the young boy lead him down to where the sarcophagus is being held. He smashes it open and finds the Shulk inside and is furious to hear that she has been held in stasis for the past seven years and vows that he will take over Dystopia and turn it into a paradise for his people, killing all the humans in the process. Meanwhile, the Abomination's mutates catch up to the fleeing refugees but they are confronted by Betty-6. Decked out in armor fashioned from parts of Mok the Dog of War, she demands that they cease their battling as she is pregnant with the Maestro's son, thus the heir of his throne.

To their surprise, they listen and when they ask Betty-6 if she is really carrying the Maestro's child, she tells them she doesn't know for sure. While upstairs, the Abomination lays Shulk out on a bed and thinks about how she had almost saved them from the Maestro's tyranny and regrets letting her go after their mutual enemy alone and hopes she can forgive him. That's when Kaspin interrupts to inform the Abomination about Betty-6 possibly carrying the Maestro's child. The Abomination orders Betty-6 found and killed. At that moment, the others catch up with Jones and as they are being chased by mutates, she leads them to the chamber where the Time Platform is being kept. In order to buy them some time, Jones sends Betty-6, Char, Cybersilk, Po, Sleek, Librito, Mok, and the children Molly and Polly into the past. These refugees find themselves sent back in time almost a century. They appear in the East Village of New York City where the New York Police department is trying to clear the area of the homeless population.

Solicit Synopsis

The Abomination of the future is out for revenge against the child of the Hulk, and only Janis, granddaughter of Rick Jones, can save the day!


Continuity Notes

  • This story recaps how Janis brought the Hulk from the past to take down the Maestro. These events were chronicled in Hulk: Future Imperfect #12.
  • If Betty-6 is pregnant with the Maestro's son is left ambiguous. It's entirely possible she might be pregnant with the Hulk's child instead, after she raped him in Hulk: Future Imperfect #2.

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