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Synopsis for "Blur of Time"

Having sought refuge in the past, refugees from the Maestro's future find themselves in the care of the man they fled from in the future: The Abomination. Seeking to eliminate their enemy before he can become the tyrant he is in their future, Po tries to kill the Abomination in this time. The other refugees and the Abomination's homeless charges protest against this attack. As Po fight, Char dies from the gunshot wound she suffered in their fight with the police, while Betty-6 tries to keep her labor in check. Ultimately, the refugees have Mok subdue Po before he can cause any more harm. While on the surface, Shulk and Kaspin find themselves surrounded by the police. Kaspin realizes that there is something wrong with Shulk's brain; however the former hero tells him that it will be over soon and uses her talons to dig into the sewers below to evade the authorities.

Meanwhile, in the future, one of the Abomination's minions brings him the cyborg known as Unit. The Abomination thinks grimly about how long it has taken Quarry to track down and kill Janis Jones. To distract himself, he begins considering how he will cook up and eat Unit when she bargains for her life. Explaining that she is a cyber-expert, she offers to outfit him with cybernetic limbs in exchange for her life. The Abomination finds this prospect interesting and asks her to tell him more. While down below, Janis Jones tries to get away from Quarry. She figures she can double back to the Time Platform and then bring the Hulk back from the past in order to help her with the Abomination.

In the present, Betty-6 cannot hide the fact that she is in labor anymore as the fight between Po and the Abomination still rages on. Cybersilk tries to make a break for it but runs into the Shulk. Frightened for his life, Cybersilk gives Shulk the position of Betty-6 and her baby. But when the former heroine has her back turned, he pulls out a weapon and tries to blast her, but she easily shakes off the attack. While not far away, the Abomination of this era has had enough and order an end to the battle. When Po, Sleek and Mok refuse to stand down, the Abomination binds them in bent pipes so he can get some peace and quiet. He checks on how Betty-6's birth is going, and is informed that she is doing much better. It's then that Shulk makes her presence known to the others. When she tells the Abomination to move aside, he will not allow her to kill an innocent child.

While back in the future, Janis Jones manages to make it to the Time Platform, but just as she powers it up she is ambushed by Quarry. He pushes both of them into the device and they are shunted back into the past. Above, the Abomination has finished receiving his cyber-enhancements and is told about how Janis Jones and Quarry escaped into the past. Learning the location of the Time Platform, the Abomination has it blown up, deciding that the past is dead and it should stay that way. Back in the present, the Shulk manages to overpower the Abomination, but by this time both Po and Sleek have broken free from their bonds. When they try to stop her, the Shulk manages to easily trounce them and continues on her mission. She finds minimal resistance from Librito and the homeless people who make the sewers their home. Approaching Betty-6 and her newborn baby, she explains that she has to cut off the Maestro's bloodline in order to prevent a tyrant like him from existing again. When Betty-6 is unable to convince her otherwise, Kaspin uses his powers to fry the Shulk's brain, causing her to drop dead before she can harm the newborn.

In the aftermath of the battle, the refugees decide to remain in the sewers. Betty-6 names her child Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan and Liberto becomes a surrogate father to the child. As the newcomers from the future integrate with the homeless people they begin working together and bury their dead, including Char and Shulk. To defend themselves, Cybersilk begins teaching the residents of these sewers how to modify the weapons they stole from the police. Deciding to side with the more benevolent Abomination of the present, these refugees from the future begin going on missions for the betterment of the people they live with. As a team, they begin calling themselves the Abominations.


Continuity Notes

  • If Bruce Willis Sylvester Chan is truly the Maestro's son is left ambiguous. It's entirely possible the father might be the Hulk instead, as Betty-6 raped him in Hulk: Future Imperfect #2.

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