Quote1 This place Abominite's home! No one else! ... No visitors! Visitors die! Quote2
-- Abomonite src

The behemoth called Abominite, who has an insectoid face and a long tail, dwells within the sewers of New Gotham. He is violently territorial and will kill any trespassers. [1]

The new hero Access discovered this the hard way, as Abominite pursued him through the sewers. Abominite cornered him and was about to lay a killing blow, but Access teleported to safety.[1]

  • The Abominite is an amalgamation of Marvel Comics' Abomination and the DC Comics' Hellgrammite
  • Despite his monstrous appearance, Abominite may be human in origin. He is based on Abomination/Emil Blonsky and Hellgrammite/Roderick Rose who are both mutated humans.
  • Abominite likely has superhuman strength as this is a main power of both Abomination and Hellgrammite.
  • Abominite might have superhuman durability. He is partly based on Hellgramite whose body includes a durable exoskeleton.
  • His status as a sewer dweller derives from Abomination who also spend time living in the sewers of New York City.

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