Dr. Abraham Cornelius worked for Weapon X as the lead scientist responsible for experimentation and commandeering captured and enlisted mutants for field missions at the bidding of the organization. Cornelius joined Colonel Wraith in the missions of his organization and eventually helped commandeer and capture the X-Men to be used as a pawns for an eventual coup against General Ross. After the coup failed, Cornelius managed to escape while the rest of his colleagues were captured, killed, or escaped to parts unknown.[1]

As revenge for destroying the Weapon X Project, having him sent to a federal prison, and forcing him to go into hiding, Dr. Cornelius transformed and mutated a paralyzed teenager into a cyborg assassin named Deathstrike to kill Wolverine. Cornelius pursued Wolverine and Storm in helicopter but the helicopter was brought down during the pursuit.[2]

Cornelius was later revealed to have survived his crash with heavy injuries and had sent Sabretooth to collect some of Wolverine's DNA in an attempt to create a clone, but was only able to create deformed rejects. To test the DNA, Cornelius grafted the DNA to himself, horribly mutating his body and driving him insane. Wolverine and his team confronted Cornelius in his secret laboratory where after much effort Wolverine managed to kill Cornelius via decapitation.[3]


He presumably has the same powers as those of the Wolverine of Earth-1610

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