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Abraham Kieros went to Muir Island in hopes for a cure for his mutancy.[1] Instead, Abraham was selected by Apocalypse and transformed into his Horseman War. Abraham and his fellow Horsemen rampages across Earth, but they were all eventually defeated by the X Men. Apocalypse left him and the other Horsemen behind, feeling that they were weak for being defeated.[2] What became of him afterward is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of War of Earth-616.

As War, he also showed the ability to turn missiles fired at him back on their users.



A flying mechanical steed provided by Apocalypse


  • Voiced by James Millington.
  • War appeared in two episodes of the X-Men animated series.
  • In his first appearance, he is shown not getting along with the woman who would become Pestilence, a nod to their disagreeable natures in the comics.

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