Abraham Wilson was a soldier who was a part of Special Forces during World War II, and was charged to watch over Captain America, he would carry out this duty by posing as a cook at the camp where Captain America was stationed. The full nature of Abe's duty and his full activities during the war remain unrevealed. [1]

Following a disagreement with President Truman over using the atomic bomb on Japan, Captain America was "deactivated" and mentally conditioned to live a civilian life, unaware of his existence to Captain America. His shield remained in Washington, but was taken from the capital and exchanged hands for many years. Learning of the shield's disappearance, Abe abandoned his family to go searching for it. He eventually found it in an East Berlin castle, and stole it hoping to track down Captain America and return it to him. [1]

Unknown to Abe, Captain America's old foes the Red Skull and Master Man also sought out the shield for their own uses. When Abe finally tracked down Captain America he found Steve Rogers living an assumed life of a construction worker. Abe confronted Cap and convinced him of his story, and handed the coveted shield over to Steve. [2]

Having learned of Abe's contact with Rogers, Master Man sent his minions to kill both Rogers and Wilson and to recover the shield. During the battle, Abe was gunned down by Master Man's men, and his body was buried in Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. However, his death was not in vain as he had succeeded in reactivating Captain America, who with the help of Abe's son Sam, stopped the Red Skull and Master Man from launching a stockpile of nuclear weapons as part of a twisted plot of ethnic cleansing across the United States. [2]


Abe Wilson had no super-human abilities.


Abe was a trained soldier and received Special Operations training during World War II.


For a time Abe carried the indestructible shield of Captain America, however it is unknown if he ever used it as a weapon.

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