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Quote1 Just as every act of creation, there is one of destruction. It is within the core of Eternity that another being grew. Abraxas. Quote2


The counterpart to the very act of creation, Abraxas was a malignant cosmic being born from within the core of Eternity. Seeing "perfection" in nothingness, he sought to end the Multiverse. However, Eternity made it so that the existence of Galactus in each reality of the Multiverse prevented Abraxas from roaming free.[1]

Abraxas (Multiverse) from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 2001 001

Abraxas after killing countless versions of Galactus

When the Galactus of Earth-616 died,[2] Abraxas emerged. Abraxas soon began to cut a swath of terror through various alternate realities and murdered every alternate reality version of Galactus he came across. Abraxas used the head of Galactus of Earth-1462 to target and home in on the prime reality's Earth; he also planted a mole in the form of an alternate universe version of the dead Herald Nova. On Earth, Abraxas attacked Uatu the Watcher and stole half of his signature medallion.[3][4]

Abraxas taunted the Fantastic Four with the inevitability of his arrival, enticing the team to search for the Ultimate Nullifier, the clues to the location of which were scattered among alternate realities. Ultimately, the Four found the Ultimate Nullifier when Abraxas suddenly appeared and stole it from them. Abraxas called forth an army of Novas to attack Earth and the Fantastic Four held no hope of defeating him. Instead, Franklin Richards, the son of the Four members Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, combined his cosmic powers with those of his sister, Valeria, to reconstitute Galactus and thus restored balance to Eternity, at the cost of burning out his own powers. Galactus took the Ultimate Nullifier from Abraxas, giving it to Mister Fantastic who used the weapon, destroying himself and Abraxas. The result served to recreate a reality in which Abraxas never existed, and since all that was had ended, all that is was realigned, allowing Mister Fantastic to survive along with all those who died in Abraxas' reign of terror.[5]


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Abraxas is a powerful intelligence representing the embodiment of the act of destruction, and as such is far removed from the limits of human understanding. Presumably, Abraxas' humanoid form is a manifestation used to communicate, or is merely the perception of the individual witnessing his presence. His powers are limitless, and he can manipulate the fabric of reality to accomplish his ends.


Abraxas was destroyed by the Ultimate Nullifier.[6]


  • Abraxas was a part of Eternity. Also, a "spark" of Eternity existed within Abraxas.[1]

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