Abslom Daak was a convicted mass murderer on Earth in the future. He was given a choice between facing execution and going out into the Galaxy to kill as many Daleks (a murderous race which Earth had been at war with for decades) as possible before they, in turn, killed him. Daak accepted the suicide mission, but found something to live for in the woman Taiyin-only to be devastated when the Daleks killed her! Gathering a band of killers to him, he dedicated his life to ridding the Galaxy of the Dalek scourge. [1]

Some years later, following the apparent deaths of his three comrades, Daak himself was seemingly killed destroying a Dalek Death Wheel. Both Daak and his 'Star Tigers' were later revealed to have survived after all, however. Daak has twice crossed paths with the Time Lord known as The Doctor. [citation needed]



  • Chainsword


A clone of Abslom Daak also appeared in 'Deceit' by Peter Darvill-Evans, one of the novels in the Virgin Books Doctor Who-New Adventures range in 1993. This story references the original Daak's apparent death in the comics, which at that point had not yet been undone. In 2014, Daak actually made it into the Doctor Who TV series, in a brief cameo as a face on a monitor screen in the episode Time Heist. A doctored panel from the DWM strip was used to create this image.

  • Daak also appeared in the second year of The Eleventh Doctor comics, but since those were printed by Titan and not Marvel this wiki does not cover them.

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