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Early Years

Absolon Mercator's mutant powers first manifested in his native Belgium. After an accident, where Absolon killed a boy bullying his cousin Rubin (Absolon turned him inside out and the boy lived for three days in that state), Absolon was sent to the U.S. to live with relatives. Absolon struggled with himself and his identity. Absolon used his powers to fix things such as toasters for money. Absolon was a loner, and normally only left his apartment at night.[1] Absolon's only known close friend was Hanna Levy, a mutant who ate insects.[2]

Mutant Town

Absolon secretly witnessed the shooting incident involving Officer Izzy Ortega and his partner Gus.[3]

Secretions from a kidnapped mutant called Toad Boy were being sold as designer drugs at clubs. Although mutants who ingested toad juice recovered, humans died violently. Izzy and Bishop investigated. Mr. M attempted to help the boy, taking him to his mother. Daniel Shaky Kaufman's men went looking for him after viewing a surveillance tape. While being confronted, Mr. M phased his hand into a gunman, unintentionally killing him.[4]

Hannah told Absolon to seek out Izzy for help. Absolon found Izzy's daughter Chamyra the victim of a gunshot wound, accidentally shot by her own brother. Absolon removed the bullet. However, Izzy and Bishop saw him and thought Absolon was attacking Chamyra. Bishop absorbed his energy, but it seemed too much for even him to handle. Absolon then fled.[5]

Angry and confused, Absolon vowed he would destroy Mutant Town. Absolon was confronted by Bishop and Izzy again. However, Lara the Illusionist tricked him into thinking he had destroyed the town. Bishop then released the energy harmlessly into the atmosphere. Absolon agreed to turn himself in.[6]

Although charges were dropped against Absolon, Absolon was shot in the head shortly after being released. Absolon's powers saved his life, but Absolon spent some time recuperating in the hospital.[7]


After M-Day, Absolon was one of the few mutants who retained his powers. Absolon headed to the Xavier Institute, where he immediately put himself on the radar of O*N*E by easily toppling a Sentinel that was about to crush a caterpillar. They considered him a serious threat especially with the other mutants treating him as a savior like figure. Absolon also began a relationship with Lorelei Travis after restoring her hair.[8]

Absolon decided to have the The 198 leave the mansion despite the X-Men and O*N*E's attempts to stop them. The face in Johnny Dee's chest quietly declared him a threat that had to be eliminated. Mr. M led his followers to an island which they reached by walking across the water. When the X Men showed up to try and talk them into returning, Cyclops was promptly attacked by a mind controlled Erg and when he retaliated Mr. M declared he would protect his followers. However, Johnny Dee, under the command of General Lazer, used his voodoo dolls to make Leech depower Absolon and then used Magma to annihilate Mr. M.[9]

That night, as Lorelei and Leech watched over Absolon's coffin, they fell asleep. The pair woke to an empty casket. Later, Lorelei and Leech, surrounded by butterflies, told the 198 about their experience: "I can't tell you what we saw. I don't have the words". Absolon never appeared to anyone else, but Absolon did not want them to grieve for him, so Absolon sent them a message. 'Some things do not die... THEY EVOLVE!'"[10]


Some time later Absolon arrived in the Otherworld and occupied one of its provinces, naming it after himself. Absolon promised to keep the territory safe, but closed it off from the public for a time being until he feels it is ready for visitors.[11][12]

When the nation of Krakoa was established, omega level mutants became one of its cornerstones. Most of them joined Krakoa, with the exception of Absolon and Legion, whose whereabouts were unknown to the nation.[13] Krakoans finally learned about Absolon's whereabouts during the X of Swords tournament in the Otherworld.[11] Later on, Abigail Brand considered Absolon as a potential replacement for Fabian Cortez's role in The Six,[14] but eventually chose another mutant.

During Hellfire Gala, Magneto gathered other omega level mutants in order to terraform Mars. Magneto visited Absolon to ask him to join and help with the process, but Absolon refused to participate.[15]

Powers and Abilities

Power Grid[19]
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Absolon Mercator has been stated to be an Omega Level Mutant.[16][13] He has been described to be extremely powerful, even considering the Omega-level Mutants standard.[17]

Subatomic Manipulation: Has the near-limitless psionic ability to manipulate all matter and energy on a subatomic level. He can use his power to reconfigure all forms of matter into different substances and forms and can change matter to energy and back again. He can use his powers to near-godlike effects, a few of which are:

  • Healing: Can speed up the body's ability to regenerate instantly.
  • Control Machinery: Manipulate the inner workings of complex machines.
  • X-Factor Negation/Augmentation: Negate or trigger mutant powers in others.
  • Intangibility/Phasing: Make his molecules phase through any object.
  • Energy Manipulation: Able to wield energy on a subatomic level.
    • Energy Generation: Produce heat, force, fire, electric, and/or nuclear energy etc.
    • Force Field Generation: Use energy to shield himself from injury.
  • Matter Manipulation: Able to transmute matter subatomic level.
    • Molecule Scrambling: Painfully or lethally scramble organic molecules.
  • Creation/Evolution: Ability to create and evolve lesser life forms and himself.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects with his mind, he was capable of tossing over a Sentinel with a gesture of his hand without even looking at it and with extreme ease. He is a powerful telekinetic.
  • Telepathy: Mister M has shown powerful telepathic capability.
    • Mind Control: He is capable of capabilities like mind control.
  • Superhuman Durability: Mister M has shown to resist a nuclear explosion which he created in his hand. He was capable of resisting the physical force and heat produced by the nuclear explosion and was not moved by the physical force unleashed either.

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