The ancient giant race of the Gibborim made a pact with six couples granting them power over Los Angeles for 25 years in exchange of a sacrificial human soul to the Gibborim every year. The six couples would become the Pride, and as well as augmenting the powers, intellect and weaponry of the Pride, each of the couples received a copy of the Abstract, a book providing them black magic spells, information on the Gibborim, and the past and the future of the Pride.[1][2]

Alternate Realities

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

In Earth-199999 the Abstract was a book containing the knowledge of the Gibborim, alien beings made of light. One of them, possessing a human body named Jonah, allowed the PRIDE to access and safekeep the book since they were unable to translate the alien language it was written in. Eventually Victor Stein realized that the key to unlocking the book could not be kept written because of secrecy and also had to be easy enough to remember. Because of this Janet Stein kept trying mathematical equations until one of them fit, allowing the Steins to read the Abstract and learn about the alien technology.[3]


  • Doctor Strange appears to have a copy of the Abstract or some type of access to the text.[4]

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