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Quote1 Order. Chaos. Eternity. Infinity. The In-Betweener. They're abstractions. Concepts manifesting themselves as entities. Quote2
Mister Fantastic[src]

Abstract entities are conceptual cosmic beings that do not have physical form. They manifest through "M-Bodies" provided from the Dimension of Manifestations.[2]


Abstracts are embodiments of concepts. Some of them were "born" when the universe was created, such as Eternity, Infinity, Death, Master Order, and Lord Chaos.[11] Some are older, such as Oblivion and the Living Tribunal.[12][13] Abstracts can be still born after the Big Bang, such as Eternity's children,[14] Epoch,[15] and the In-Betweener.[16]

The abstracts were decimated when the Multiverse was destroyed by the Beyonders and the incursions.[17][18] A coalition of the principal abstracts, including the Living Tribunal, attempted to challenge the Beyonders but were completely overpowered and were wiped out.[17]

Abstract Entities and Bragi (Earth-616) from Immortal Thor Vol 1 11 001
When Reed Richards restored the Multiverse,[19] the transition from the Seventh Cosmos to the Eighth Cosmos affected the cosmic beings in unexpected ways. The previous cosmic order became obsolete,[20] and due to Reed Richards' influence in the Eighth Cosmos' birth, the new order became pairs of twos.[21]


Type of Government

Abstract Entities from G.O.D.S

Three intermediaries (front) and their six masters (back)

As of the Eighth Cosmos, the principal abstracts are divided into four pairs.[22][21] Also, they have lesser intermediaries, except for The-Powers-That-Be and The-Natural-Order-of-Things.[23]

There are other groupings among the abstracts, such as Life and Death,[25] Mistress Love and Sire Hate,[26] Eternity's many children,[27][28][29] the Queen of Nevers and the Griever at the End of All Things (who also use agents for their roles and conflict),[30] etc.

In addition, even though former iterations of the Multiverse are defunct, their embodiments still live on in the Far Shore or the Mystery because "nothing truly dies." They form the "Ultimate Ultimates."[31] Generally, they have nothing to do with the current Multiverse, but the Never Queen was originally one of those embodiments and she interacts with the current Multiverse from outside of it.[32][33]




  • M-Bodies often vary depending on the person looking.[2] Eternity remarked that some sentient life forms have imagined him as sound waves or weather patterns.[39]

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