Abu Mussan was the leader of a Sharzhad terrorist group who came upon the Asgardian sentry Heimdall and his Uru sword, Hofund when he fell to Midgard after the destruction of the Bifrost Bridge. Considering the sword as a gift for him from the heavens, Mussan had his group chain up the weakened Heimdall, unaware of the Black Dechantment in his chest.

After becoming a one man army by using the sword, he came to the attention of S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson. Taking a team of agents with him to Sharzhad to investigate, Coulson was able to piece together what had happened.

Mussan vs. Black Knight and Valkyrie

Mussan surprised the team by using the sword to break through a brick wall crowning himself the new god and king of this sacred land, but Coulson came prepared for a swordfight in the form of the Black Knight and Valkyrie.

Mussan was able to hold his own against the two heroes until his body started to reabsorb the energies from the attacks he made against the Black Knight's shield causing his body to become frail which allowed Valkyrie to strike him down with her sword Dragonfang.[1]


Formerly in possession of Heimdall's sword Hofund.

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