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The Abundant Glove is an artifact formed by the Abundant Gems, in a similar yet much less powerful vein as the Infinity Gauntlet. These gems are the Compassion, Laughter, Dance, Respect and Second Dance gems. While individually each stone can do little, together they can make the wearer of the Abundant Glove "marginally" powerful.[1]

The villainous Talos the Untamed traveled to the Earth to locate the gems (or at least the final two), with the purpose to assemble the glove and enslave the Earth to regain his honor in the eyes of the Skrull Empire.[1] Using the alias of a human named Jonathan Richards, he hired the services of P.I. Howard the Duck to find the Respect Gem, which had been encrusted in a necklace stolen by the Black Cat, allegedly from Talos' human identity.[2]

During Howard's third attempt to retrieve the gem, Talos snatched it from him and revealed his true nature as would-be conqueror.[3] Talos proceeded to find the final gem, the Laughter Gem, buried in the former site of the Pier Four, right before Howard and his allies, the Human Torch, Doctor Strange, and Tara Tam, could get to it. With the set complete, Talos unleashed the constructs known as the Abundant Warriors to wreck havoc in the city.[1] Tara Tam, who was revealed to possess shapeshifting powers similar to a Skrull, posed as Emperor Kl'rt and distracted Talos long enough to let Howard steal the glove from his hand.

After Talos' defeat, Howard gave the Glove to Mister Fantastic, wishing for it to be destroyed. It was last seen being examined on the scene by Doctor Strange.[4]


The full extent of the Abundant Glove's capabilities is unknown. It allows its user to create and manipulate energy constructs (both sentient and not), fly, generate force fields, and fire energy blasts.[4]


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