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Abysmia is a kingdom located underneath the United States of America. It is populated with the descendants of some of the first European settlers. Its most prominent citizen was Rockman, who was their leader in the 1940's.

They were a technologically advanced culture with various technological devices that, at least in the 1940's, were more advanced than their surface cousins. They have an advanced cable car system, have developed special drilling devices to reach the surface world, and utilize "Vibrograph" devices that allow them to listen in on activities happening on the surface.[2] Abysmians have technology that allows them to create localized

Rockman speaking to his people

earthquakes of varying force and have used this technology to help their leader Rockman in his battles on the surface. Such a device was used to wipe out the private island owned by Zombo.[3] and later to finish Le Barbe and his gang by collapsing an Alaskan mine on them.[4] Abysmia is located near the city of the Pixies whom were the enemies of the Abysmains until Rockman removed their leader and placed a Abysmian Prime Minister in his place.[5]

Their domain is also home to various strange underground creatures and plants that are unique to their subterranean domain.[2]

Abysmia: Fact or Fiction?

Recently, Rockman was among a group of twelve wartime heroes that were found in suspended animation and revived in the modern age.[6] The existence of Abysmia and the Abysmian people has been thrown into question. It was revealed that Rockman may really be Daniel Rose, a miner who disappeared in the 1940's, following a massive mine explosion that wiped out his family and hometown. The idea is that Abysmia and his Rockman identity could be a fabrication that Rose established in order to cope with his loss. While it is very likely that Rockman is really Rose, the actual existence of Abysmia remains unconfirmed. However, as the underground domains of the Earth have been extensively explored in the modern age by many heroes (notably the Fantastic Four), it would seem that if Abysmia ever truly existed at all, the domain may have been wiped out.



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