Quote1 The Abyss. Existence with no desire. Unification through negation. A bottomless fall into a long nap through eternity. Quote2
-- Max Fury src

The Abyss is a powerful dark entity who is believed to be older than the Celestials themselves. At some point, the Abyss was imprisoned in a sidereality where time has no meaning, prompting the Watchers to create the constructs known as Archons to guard him and wait for his eventual return.[2][3]

Under the influence of the Dark Children, some Martians created three crowns to channel their power and attempted to free the Abyss from his prison. However, the Archons fought them and managed to thwart their plan, at the cost of their own lives. The Darkest Child was imprisoned inside the destroyed Mars, and all but the only Archon who managed to survive the ordeal abandoned the planet.[2]

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